We are school

Pedagogical project

We are a school whose guiding principle is music.  Our leitmotif is the music of Jazz, particularly the style of ‘’Swing’’ amongst others. Our methodology is to make, understand and transmit this musical genre.

In both individual and group classes, what we build is a creative spirit in which the student is surprised by their own creative capacity. We allow everyone to express their inner thoughts and feelings through music.

We focus our classes in two ways. The first is through working with the language of music. This includes listening and appreciating music as well as practicing it through melodic and technical exercises and exchanging musical scores. The second is more creative and plays with music. It involves playing with other musicians. Starting from the playing of a single note while others listen attentively, before starting to accompany each other in creating musical symbiosis. Another way to stimulate creativity is to experiment with images, pictures, photos or colours, and encouraging these to be described and expressed instead through musical instruments.

Our aim is that students do not think or reason at any time during the creative process. If they are preoccupied in mulling over what they want to do, or if they get stuck, they become distracted.  We encourage our students to empty their thoughts so that they can be free, clean and spontaneous. When this spontaneity is achieved, time stops and the past, present and future converge.  Creativity flows like an energy that is transformed into something magical, the unique language of music.

Within these parameters, this whole set of sensations and creative forms is born. Fredi’s Jazz Band encompasses all this, for this reason: «we are a school.»