We will inform you in more detail about the activity of Fredi’s Jazz Band, and keep you updated of any impacts as a result the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fredi’s next concert is on September 3 for Matadepera’s City Fest, where we will present the first album of Fredi’s Jazz Band #1, and on September 25 we will participate in a private event.

We already have the CD physical and digital in all the platforms! If you want to buy it, you can send an email to:
On June 13, we have participated in the 40th Jazz Festival of Terrassa. It was a great success, and a pleasure to participate in one of the most important festivals in Catalonia.

First album recording of Fredi’s Jazz Band: The recording will take place at the Nueva Jazz Cava de Terrassa during April/May of 2021, and the band will also be present at the Jazz world

Training workshop for wind instruments. This course will explain the basic maintenance routines for brass and woodwind instruments. The workshop is open to everyone during 2021/2022 academic year, if possible. The workshop will be run by the Luthier Francesc Alfonso Pastor of the Valencian Country. Two or more sessions can be scheduled depending on the audience.

The music begins! Very soon we will perform a small-format concert of musicians from within the Fredi’s Jazz Band, at the Auditorium of the Frederic Mompou school or in some other larger alternative auditorium, such as the Casal de Cultura. They will be songs from Paul Gonsalves’ album. «Tilo it the way it is.» .

COME AND SHARE JAZZ MUSIC WITH THE FREDI’S JAZZ BAND! The Fredi’s Jazz Band started out as a small group, made up of the school’s students, and step by step the project was growing. We want to enlarge this family, so that everyone can enjoy music with us, and for this reason, we have decided to record the first Fredi’s record in 2021, with songs that have been accompanying us throughout these years in the concerts that we have been doing throughout the territory. In order to finance the album, we have started a Verkami project with the aim of raising 4,000 euros. By participating in this project, you are helping us to be able to produce and launch this new album and, at the same time, receive some rewards from the Fredi’s (t-shirt, digital download of the album, the physical album signed by the members of the group, etc.) In addition, this December 2020 we have recorded two Christmas carols: December 25 and Big Band Christmas, for wishing you all happy holidays. With them yout you can taste the rhythm and energy that this first album will have. Both songs have been recorded and edited at the Nova Jazz Cava de Terrassa, an emblematic space of the city, and where, thanks to the disposition and help of Oriol Bacardit and Marc Boria (sound technicians), and Ramon Tort (manager), you can now enjoy Christmas carols on our social networks: Youtube, Facebook and on our website. Currently, we have for sale t-shirts, sweatshirts, cloths to clean the instrument and Fredi’s masks, which also helps us finance the album. The Fredi’s Jazz Band started this new project with great passion and enthusiasm, and we hope that we can enjoy together very soon!

Fredi’s Jazz Band Association: At the end of 2019, an association was established with the aim of helping to train and further develop the talent of musicians and to make these musicians better known to the general public. Unfortunately, the activities planned for 2020 have now been stopped due to Covid-19, but with the start of the 2020-2021 academic year, the association has proposed to again promote the different activities of the Band.