We are a band


In life random things happen, you can’t plan for everything. The same holds true in art. Planning, researching and overthinking can often yield good results, but it will not be pure, clean or fresh. Ideas and art come out of spontaneity.

This is the philosophy of Fredi’s Jazz Band. In our space at the Frederic Mompou Municipal School in Matadepera we discuss the events of the day. We meet, we experiment, we practice, we reflect on interesting conversations and experiences, meals enjoyed with friends or a simple gesture.

Fredi’s Jazz Band was born from a group at the school studying wind instruments. It was not a premeditated or planned thing. On the contrary, we came together through our common love of music and we are still building, growing and finding our way.  We don’t know how far we can go. We simply enjoy every moment. While we are together, we maintain the dream, we learn music, we learn to share, we learn to be ourselves, and at the end of the day… to be fulfilled individuals.

Our band has a lot of energy and enthusiasm. We develop our creativity with the support of individual and group classes. Swing is practiced as a language and musical style, along with other styles such as Bossa nova, Funk, Latin, Blues, Boogie and Ballads.

Thanks to all these efforts, we have had the privilege to perform at the end of course concerts at the Municipal School of Music Frederic Mompou, in the Matadepera Festival (August 2018 and 2019), at the opening of the 2017 academic year -2018 from the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the UAB, to the musical space that makes weekly programs in Vilafranca del Penedès «Forat del Pany» (May 2018 and 2019). We have also performed in some solidarity concerts, such as that of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, at the Casal de la Cultura de Matadepera (December 2018), at the Luz de Gas room in Barcelona (October 2019), and the concert at the Nova Jazz Cava de Terrassa (December 2019)

All this experience has now led Fredi’s Jazz Band to the challenge of recording its first album at the Nueva Jazz Cava de Terrassa.


VOCAL: Roser Puigbó

ALT SAX: David Miragall, Ana Olmo, Roser Puigbó, Arnau Gumà

TENOR SAX: Jan Julià, Marc Calvó, Max Borda


FLUTE: Alba Moré, Queralt Badia

TROMBONE: Didac Ventura

TRUMPET: Jep Grau, Mireia Vidal, Oriol Horcas

CLARINET: Quim Anglada, Llorenç Casals, Oriol Pablos, Gerard Casulleras, David Miragall, Roc Badia

PIANO: Gerard Casulleras

GUITAR: Pol Candela

CONTRABASS: David Zeiler

DRUMS: Oriol Ventura, Jordi Herreros